Summer is here and time has flown by at the Eco. It feels as if we were just in the midst of snowmobile season not too long ago! Looking back to the beginning of 2022, we started off the year just the way we like it—with snow! The winter months are always busy here and we enjoy the sound of snowmobilers pulling up to our site. Whether it be for a meal, premium gas, or a few nights stay, we truly love being a part of snowmobile tourism. Many snowmobilers use our destination as the starting point for their trip. We have a large parking lot that can accommodate your vehicle and trailer and the trail runs right alongside our property. There are miles and miles of crownland trails and some beautiful hidden gems to see— be sure to ask for directions to the famous “Canyon Lake” or “Crane Lookout” while you’re here! On top of snowmobiling, we also have some great winter activities right on site! Snowshoeing and skiing are always a hit, and again, we have trails right on the property! Our ice hut is furnished with all that you need to spend a lovely time out on the ice with your family or friends! If you need to warm up, our restaurant has a full bar with a pool table or you can relax next to our cozy fireplace. Looking back on winter brings such great memories of meeting new people and sharing our corner of Elk Lake with them!

Spring came and went almost as quick! It is generally a “quieter” time here at the Centre, however there is never a dull moment behind the scenes! We hosted quite a few conferences and retreats during the spring and prepared our grounds for the summer season. As you can imagine, our property requires a significant amount of upkeep to keep things looking pretty! Along with preparing the grounds for summer, we also get busy chatting and planning with our wedding couples! Believe it or not, we are fully booked every weekend from the end of June right to October!! Many clients wonder why we are closed on weekends during the summer- and that is why! Between weddings, family reunions, birthday and anniversary parties—our summer weekends are all accounted for!We will continue to be open throughout the week and will still offer our Thursday Night Pub Night throughout the summer. We are so looking forward to having guests come out to our patio to enjoy food, drinks and maybe even a campfire!

Looking ahead, summer will be wonderful. Guests have already started pulling up to our dock on the Montreal River to park their boats while they come in for dinner, the rental bikes have been used, our canoes are ready to go, and the hiking trails with surely be used more—especially now that the blackflies have started to die down! Both fire pits are stocked with wood and ready to go! We want to wish you all a wonderful and safe summer and look forward to seeing old faces and meeting new friends!


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  • 24th, Jun 2022
  • Eco Staff

Elk Lake Eco Centre Update

Summer is here and time has flown by at the Eco. It feels as if we were just in ...